Dear MUNers,

True to the spirit of Model UN, we see ourselves as part of a much larger, global community of MUNers. As a service this community, we took on a mission to create a complete and comprehensive academic database to help you in your next MUN simulation.

Here you can find all the information you need regarding the UN bodies, how to write an opening statements and draft resolutions, and gather tips on how to conduct researches on the various topics you’ll face at the Model UN. To complete the database, we provided some useful links to help you strengthen your research and knowledge. You might want to check them out.

In addition, we also issue a newsletter every now and then. The newsletter is meant to foster camaraderie among MUNers worldwide, and will contain a articles written by professionals in the fields relating to Model UN (international relations, international law, economics, etc.), that can serve as up to date material for your Model UN needs or simply help you widen your understanding of the world. We will also accept and publish articles by you, and you are welcome to submit your articles by email to

Finally, we have made a sincere attempt to create a version of the Rules of Procedure and the Terms and Definitions that is more accessible while still being true to the UN form. We’ve posted it here for your connivance. Please credit us when using it.