ProMUNers – the Multidisciplinary School for Leadership and Management

ProMUNers – the Multidisciplinary School for Leadership and Management is an organization specializing in the establishment and management of Model UN clubs for high school students and professional workshops and courses in the fields of management and entrepreneurship for all ages (ranging from students to executives).

Since its establishment in 2009, the School has trained hundreds of students, and today ProMUNers works all around the country in dozens of cities and municipalities, and employs accomplished staff members and lecturers with vast experience.

Just like it says on our logo, our goal is training the leaders of tomorrow - We at ProMUNers strongly believe that our programs have the power to awaken the inner leader within each student, and thus nurture the future generation of Israeli diplomats, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Programs

Model UN

Our Model United Nations societies for high school students are active and vibrant youth groups that take part in all municipal activities. The establishment of these societies is done in cooperation with the municipality and can be in the form of a yearly program or a shorter workshop.

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Entrepreneurship Program

This is a special program during which the participants learn about all fields related to entrepreneurship, including building a business plan, budgetary confinements, marketing strategies and implementation of projects. The program is aimed at ambitious high school students who want to empower their inner entrepreneur.

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Sales School

The Sales School teaches people to be better salespeople in general, and also allows focusing on more specific fields of sales, such as real estate, insurance, tourism and more. The program is aimed at people of all ages, and at the graduates of the program will receive assistance in finding work in their sales specialty.

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Workshops and Courses

ProMUNers offers a wide variety of academic courses with the leading colleges in the country, with a track aimed at high school students and another track for the wider public. We also offer workshops in negotiation skills, public speaking and more.

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Academic Courses and Workshops

Negotiations Workshop
Camera Workshop
Public Speaking Workshop
Policy Research Workshop
Formal English Workshop
Debate Workshop

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Cities and Regional Councils with our Programs


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The students benefited greatly from the significant and fascinating preparation and as a result improved both their theoretical knowledge and their research skills, including their ability to stand and speak in front of an audience. The service you provide is not only courteous, but at a very high professional level. Trust is not bought with money, but is forged over a period of time. You managed to achieve this all-important value together with integrity and professionalism.

Ehad Ha'am High School, Petah Tikva

This is a unique and experiential leadership program that empowers the youth and I had the pleasure of accompanying the trainees and seeing the personal development they went through during the program. The program empowers the trainees and creates in them a sense of mission and responsibility, develops social and civic involvement, and creates an awareness of current international problems.

Ariel Municipality

The Promoners company that runs the program does so with endless professionalism and dedication. I work with a lot of outside content providers, but the company people have set a new standard. In addition to the high level of content, these are sensitive and attentive educators of a pleasant and open nature. Students point with their feet ... I recommend anyone who wants to start an excellence group to call this company.

Emek Hefer Regional Council

Beyond the ongoing activities of the program, and due to the fact that it is a quality leadership group, the group members, led by the ProMUNers team take part in all municipal activities, including leading and hosting conferences, going on delegations abroad and accompanying guests from abroad visiting the city. The ProMUNers UN Model Club has become one of the flagship programs of the Rishon Lezion Municipality's Youth and Young People Division and I have no doubt that the program will continue to flourish and attract the best youth in the city.

Municipality of Rishon Le-Zion

Previous kilns, also this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Arbel Division (international organizations) welcome the activities of ProMUNers to promote the UN model among high schools across the country. We attach great importance to raising awareness among students and youth about the activities of the UN on its various agencies, as well as its relevance to the citizens of the State of Israel.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From my personal experience and familiarity with the program and the dedicated staff that runs it, I have no doubt that the program offers participants invaluable English language skills, standing in front of an audience and analytical skills, as well as extensive knowledge of international relations and understanding of the UN system.

UN envoy to the Middle East

We did not imagine how faithful to reality the presentation of the plan to us by Adv. Ariel Yosef was. On the contrary, the presentation of the show was not only believable, but modest in its applause. The program enriches, broadens horizons and brings about exceptional personal, intellectual and social development of the students. The UN Model Program is a one-time opportunity for its participants, it is a gift for life!

Rotberg High School, Ramat Hasharon

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