ProMUNers – the Multidisciplinary School for Leadership and Management

ProMUNers – the Multidisciplinary School for Leadership and Management is an organization specializing in the establishment and management of Model UN clubs for high school students and professional workshops and courses in the fields of management and entrepreneurship for all ages (ranging from students to executives).

Since its establishment in 2009, the School has trained hundreds of students, and today ProMUNers works all around the country in dozens of cities and municipalities, and employs accomplished staff members and lecturers with vast experience.

Just like it says on our logo, our goal is training the leaders of tomorrow – We at ProMUNers strongly believe that our programs have the power to awaken the inner leader within each student, and thus nurture the future generation of Israeli diplomats, leaders and entrepreneurs. Our program is not aimed solely for those who seek diplomatic careers – we have much to offer to every student. Participants in our programs gain valuable practical experience, which will aid them in any future path they choose. Through us, they will gain leadership skills, better control of the English language, confidence when facing a crowd, better understanding of global processes and more.

We at ProMUNers – the Multidisciplinary School for Leadership and Management offer a wide variety of programs, workshops and traineeships through which you will be able to acquire practical skills that will develop leadership abilities. These skills will assist you in the present and in the future, regardless of the path you choose for yourself. The ability to be eloquent and articulate, know how to negotiate, research, analyze and advance processes are all stepping stones in the professional path of the future diplomat, CEO, leader, researcher or entrepreneur.

With our programs you will be able to improve your leadership skills, gain greater self-confidence, enhance your English and much more.

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